An incomplete list of stuff to try to make your writing suck less so you write good

Books open to various pages
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1. Quick Search and Replace

Just do a simple find for these words, and straight up cold delete them. Replace them with something better only if you absolutely have to. This will solve like 65% of your problems.

Words to delete

  • Will: you’ll, they’ll, I’ll, shall, must
  • Badverbs: very, really, honestly, absolutely, literally
  • Badjectives: amazing, awesome
  • Vagaries: that, stuff, things
  • Modals: can, could, should, would, may, might, maybe, some
  • Wigglers: be/are able to, start, attempt, try, begin
  • Qualifiers: now, where, “there was a time”, always, never, however, irregardless, just, often, sometimes

Words to replace

Ḿar̷c M͜a͟j͏c̵h͢er

Just a guy who does stuff sometimes.

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