Monthly Review, February 2022




Game Stuff

  • Nightmirror, a Victorian monster hunter flavored hack of Psi*Run that uses tarot cards instead of dice (with David, Darin, Kae, and Kyle).
  • A playtest of Vow of the Knights Aspirants: Into the Bleakwood, a super solid Arthurian PBtA game that was loads of fun, and I’d love to play again sometime. (This was with Alexi, Brandon, David, and Greg.)
  • I facilitated another playtest of Icebox: Timeline that weekend (with Pat, Sebastian, Erez, and Jim)—that’s still a super solid game, but I still got some good feedback that should be pretty easy to address, so the bulk of the work there is still editing and layout.


  • Murderville (one episode, it’s awful)
  • Peacemaker (all of it, it’s amazing, never skipped the intro)
  • Severance (super creepy and a bit too real surreal office horror—love it)

Other Stuff

  • I got all my tax stuff together and sent in to Suz, my amazing accountant, so whenever that comes around, it’ll come around, and that’s off my plate.
  • Still doing my daily Klingon on Duolingo, which is coming along.
  • Got back into the wood shop and cleaned a bunch of stuff up so I could actually do things, and cut a bunch of pieces to make a set of squirrel picnic tables for folks.
  • The chickens are still cute and they have fuzzy butts.


  • Continue along with organizing, planning, and executing on the house remodel/repair checklist.
  • Crank out a solid Powered By Moose and Squirrel SRD, both so I can get a game nailed into it, and so other folks have a since simple framework to knock out comedy RPGs with.
  • Continue playing games with my regular groups, and on the Gauntlet.
  • Keep cooking and eating good stuff, doing my version of exercise, and keeping track of my health numbers.
  • Keep on truckin’ with the job, and get these folks through the Phase 2 React material.
  • Just, like, be cool, man.



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