Monthly Review, January 2022

Green Eggs




Game Stuff

  • Icebox: Decompression, a larp that I wrote for a games-on-stage series at the Hideout Theater, back when live theater was a thing. It’s set on a generation ship where… things happen, but not in any particular order.
  • Being Ogrim Stormbane, a short free game that’s a re-write and re-publish of a thing I wrote for the 200 Word RPG Challenge a few years back. It plays in fifteen minutes, and it’s basically the sword and sorcery version of Being John Malkovich.
  • Not strictly Majcher Arcana material, but I wrote a small web app that converts Wordle results into hex maps. Dumb, but fun.
  • Wag The Cat, a /RUN that I wrote up for CBR+PNK, based on the scenario that I made up on the fly for the Faded Havens folks when we played. It’s a great little cyberpunk hack of Blades in the Dark that you can run with little or no prep, but takes a bit of narrative agility on the part of the GM. Super recommend it, though.
  • Built a virtual card table set for continuing playtesting Icebox: Timeline (another entry in the “stuff happens on a generation ship” line) over on, which I’ll be sending out to folks as we play.
  • Started a Better Soulslike Jam for folks to submit their Dark Souls-based RPGs to, after the widespread disappointment about the announcement that the official game was going to be Yet Another 5e Hack. Only got a little bit of blowback from dragonbros, but they’re not really the target audience here, right? (I’ve never played Dark Souls, and it doesn’t seem like my type of thing, but I’m happy to host the jam!)
  • Continued working on some things (like Shadows of the Molten Mouth for the Random Adventure Jam) and inadvisably started some new ones (like Grackle Teeth, a solo apocalyptic journaling game) and kept puttering along with everything else.
Doom Patrol


  • Hellbound (Netflix, not what I was expecting, but good)
  • The Lost Boys (Nic has never seen it, and it’s still great.)
  • Clue (same)
  • Started on Doom Patrol (SO good)
  • Terminator Genisys (it was fine)
  • A few episodes of The Prisoner (watched a long time ago, remember nothing, so that’s fun)
  • The Book of Boba Fett (of course)
  • Lots of youtube (woodworking, home cooking, music production, general science and movie stuff, whatever the algorithm throws at me)
  • Walkabout Golf (on Oculus with the Saturday morning golf crew)
  • Demeo (same, freakin’ Rat King)
  • RagnaRock (super fun new Viking longboat rowing rhythm game)
  • Wordle (like everyone else in the world)
  • Started idling on Evolve again a little bit in the background
  • Played Parks finally (in person, with some vaxxed friends)
  • Read a ton of new RPG books and zines, too many to keep track of or list here, although that sounds like something I should do, huh.

Other Stuff




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